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After 5 - Learn from Our Industry Stars: Best Practices for Sales Success
MLSE's Real Sports, 15 York Street, Toronto

In January we brought you the always-educational Meeting Planner Panel. This month it's time for our own sales leaders to share their insights after years in the Industry and their many sales and career successes. How did they get where they are? What are their tips and tricks to help you be a more successful salesperson right now? You will take away some great information on best practices to grow sales while preparing yourself for your next career step.
We're pleaded to introduce our panelists:
Christopher Ashby, Area Director of Sales & Marketing, Shangri-La Hotel Toronto
Suzanne Cinq-Mars, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hilton Toronto
Toni Frankfurter, General Manager, The Waterside Inn
PLEASE NOTE! Like January this After 5 is also on a Wednesday!
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