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After 5 Networking Seminar: Why Culture is the New Winning Formula
5:00 - 7:15 pm
Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto

5:00-5:30pm Networking
5:30-5:45pm Annual General Meeting
5:45-7:15pm: Presentation:

Why Culture is the New Winning Formula: Customer Experience is nothing without Employee Experience.

The hospitality industry is famous for its devotion to Customer Experience. But Customer Experience can???t be successful without the People to make those experiences magical. Culture, especially with its focus on Employee Experience, is the way. Get ready to be engaged as Hilton Barbour is going to show you how organizations from ZAPPOS to Starbucks to Southwest Airlines create engaged employees who can???t wait to deliver amazing customer experiences. Learn the secrets to their success and how you can apply these to your organization.

Hilton Barbour is a seasoned Strategist and Culture consultant. Having had the opportunity to work with clients as diverse as IBM, Coca-Cola, Hilton Worldwide, EY and Enron, he is a passionate believer that your People, and your Culture, are the best competitive advantage your organization has.
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