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Business at Breakfast: Negotiate to Win-Win!
7:30am - 10:30am
Delta Toronto Airport

Start your day off right with CHMSE! Join us for breakfast and a two-hour sales training seminar featuring Business Development Strategist Patti Pokorchak, MBA.

Negotiating does NOT have to be a win-lose situation. In fact, everyone (besides Trump or Kevin O’Leary) loves when it’s win-win-win for all involved. There are strategies and techniques to learn that make negotiating easier for you to get the outcomes that you want, without antagonizing the other party. This session will give you a burst of useful phrases to use, when to pause, when to say ’I have to ask my boss’ to give yourself time to figure out your next step (even if you are the boss), body language giveaways and more.

You will be partnered up to practice your own negotiating skills and get objective feedback on how to improve or to confirm that you are a pro! Bring your toughest negotiation challenges and get some answers. Be prepared to have fun and learn how to make more money too!
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