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Business at Breakfast featuring Sales Trainer Michael Caron
7:30 - 10:30 am
Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale, 6750 Mississauga Rd., Mississauga

Join CHMSE for breakfast and a seminar with annual favourite Michael Caron of Northbound Sales Training.
Questions are powerful tools in the sales process. Applied skillfully, they will yield the information you need to take the process to the next step. Used carelessly, they could undermine the entire client relationship by making you seem pushy or unprofessional. Questions are the Answer is an informative course in the fine art of asking the right questions at the right time during the sales cycle questions that result in useful information and positive momentum.
With Questions are the Answer, you will come away from sales interviews with the answers you need to present your prospect or client with a relevant solution. Your clients will know they have engaged in an important and useful process. The result is better information, better solutions, and better sales relationships.

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